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One of the consequences of producing garments is the amount of waste of fabric.  So much fabric scraps are thrown away each year.  Through textile recycling, about 2.5 billion pounds of postconsumer textile product waste can be prevented from going to the dump.  That’s a lot of fabric!

Luminaa is proud to announce that we will be donating our textiles scraps to Wearable Collections, an organization that is involved in recycling clothing and textile scraps.  Wearable Collections can set up collection bins in your building where you live or work.  Clothing is re-sold to the international markets and whatever is unusable is given to facilities where it can be broken down into fibers and re-used in products such as upholstery and re-woven into textiles.

If you have any old clothing and/or fabric scraps, here are the drop off locations in NYC.

Friday– W 97th st between Columbus Ave. and Amsterdam Ave from 8am-2pm

Saturday–Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope  8am-4pm, & Union Sq @ 14th st and Broadway 8am- 6pm

Sunday— Tompkins sq park @ Ave A and 9th st 8am-4pm

Monday— Union Sq @14th st and Broadway  8am-6pm