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It has been a pretty active week! I’m busy getting yields for my patterns for Fall (will explain what that means at a later time) and sending stuff out to magazines for possible photoshoots.

I did decide on a whim to spend July 4th differently.  I went to the beach!  Watching the sunset and the gorgeous colors that followed was amazing!  Some streaks of  clouds were in the sky and suddenly they turned from pastel yellow, to bright orange and then into magenta/purple before being swallowed up by indigo/black.  I sat on the tall lifeguard seat and took it all in.  At a distance one can see freight ships off the coast.  They looked like little toys bathed in that reddish orange glow.  Even the birds took on that color at sunset.  As soon as night followed, the kids in the town played with the fireworks which I thought was pretty brave. They used it in a way that was shall I say……um pretty unorthodox?  I never seen kids trying to attack each other with Roman Candle fireworks until that night.  Yikes!  Was a little nervous hoping that I wouldn’t get hit but I guess I was at a safe distance.  The shennagians that goes on on July 4th!


Also happening during the week of July 4th is the New York Asian Film Festival. They are having their 10th anniversary this year.  Wow, it’s been a decade already?  I’ve been going to this film festival for a loooong time.  Almost when it first started.  I went there when it used to be at Anthology & IFC downtown.  Since then, it has grown considerably and is now at the Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center.  I totally enjoy this film festival!  I make my pilgrimage every year.  This year I saw only 2 movies.  13 Assassins and Shaolin.  13 Assassins is a remake of the 1963 original film by Eiichi Kudo.  The remake is directed by one of my favorite directors Takashi Miike, so I had to check it out!  I bought my ticket early and glad I did.  It was completely sold out.  The movie is a classic samurai movie that Miike does extremely well. Set around 1850’s Japan, it’s about Lord Matsudaira Naritsugu, a vicious man who causes extreme chaos and pain to almost anyone in his way.  Another lord, afraid that Naritsugu will ascend to power, hires retired samurais to intervene. Immediately you’re taken away in this movie.   The 40 minute fighting scene (yes 40 minutes!!) was pretty amazing as the climax towards the end of the movie.  This movie is about 2 hours and 15 minutes long but does not feel like it.  I totally recommend to see this!

The other movie I saw was Shaolin directed by Benny Chan.  In this movie, a ruthless warlord finds himself staying at the Shaolin temple after a series of horrible events.  After staying at the temple, he changes his evil ways.  But he himself is hunted down to be killed.  Pretty much it’s about humility, karma and fighting for what’s right.  This is a very dramatic movie with a heavy Buddhist message. Be prepared for numerous cliffhangers!  Again this movie is a loose remake of the 1982 “The Shaolin Temple” as well, set in China after the Qing Dynasty with competing warlords and threats of foreign powers coming in.

Oh and I also went out of town too for a short getaway.  Was out in the woods getting back in touch with nature.  So much was I in nature, I thought I saw a bear!  Yikes!