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Recently, I went to a reception for a festival called “The Art of Brooklyn” which starts from Aug 20th-27th.  It’s at St. Francis College  on 180 Remsen St. in Brooklyn, NY.  It’s a festival of independent film, music and art. Their website for more information is theartofbrooklyn.com.   Several painters showed their work there.  I love seeing new work, it’s always very inspiring for me and makes me want to take up painting class!  This particular painting caught my eye.  It’s done by Izumi Inoue, called “Portrait of a Man”.  It’s a portrait but the subject is flat!  I think it’s amazing.  Most portrait paintings I see try to mimic someone who is 3-D, but this one has an amazing twist.  Is it really a person?  The foil suggests a mask and the rendering of the reflection on the crushed aluminum foil shows tons of detail and technical mastery.  I love this style of traditional renaissance painting but done in a modern way.  Wish I can see more painters bring back this style.  It has warmth that a photo cannot duplicate. You really have to see this painting up close.  If you’re interested in this painting and want to see more, this is the infomation of the artist:

Izumi Inoue

Click here to email him.

“Portrait of a Man” – 20″x25″- oil on canvas