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I stumbled across this interview of Marc Jacobs from 1998.  Wow how time flies!  He looks so fresh and young.  It made me reflect on were I was in 1998.  I first moved to NYC, all fresh & young as well with the world out there for me to conquer.  Now there are rumors out that Mr. Jacobs could have the title of head designer over at Dior.  I wish him the best of luck if he takes it.  Such an important job that requires a lot of attention.  This also made me think about how much the fashion industry business has changed and my perceptions of it.  It seems that the fashion world is more corporate nowadays.  So many major labels under huge conglomerates like LVMH.  If you’re not associated with money as a designer such as me, well….best of luck!  We are all scrambling for the same thing.  Maybe the fashion business should go in a different direction that’s more friendly to small designers.  Exactly what that is, not so sure.  The internet has changed the world of fashion in so many ways making it more accessible to a global audience but I feel it’s still at it’s infancy regarding making serious money for the average designer.  Enjoy the interview!