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Over this weekend, I’ve been paying off my debt so to speak.  Not much sleep at all! Now since that is all over and done with, I can carry on to more exciting things….  I’ve been working & dreaming about Fall ’12.  I think it’s going to be quite a doozy. It’s too early to reveal what it will be or the inspiration behind that.  I’m cleaning up my sketches, ordered some fabric swatches and I’m ready to drape my butt off!  Draping my garments in the beginning stage of the designing is a love of mine.  All one needs is some fabric, a dress form and inspiration.  Quite literally, I create my idea right in front of me.  From concept to reality, one of the joys of designing.

Over the weekend, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately. Since I don’t have a TV(……yes, I know, strange not to have one isn’t it?), I ocassionally watch stuff on YouTube.  What I like about it is to see shows from many years ago.  I stumbled across an old scene from Star Trek: TNG.  During high school, I used to watch this show when it first came out.  It brought back memories of loving Science Fiction movies and shows as a kid.  In this scene, which you can see below, the subject of evolution comes up.  The way it’s approached is pretty amazing and thought provoking now since I’m seeing this again many years later.   We as human beings and just plain ole life itself pretty much come from “goo”.  Makes one ponder about the many trivial things we all fret and worry about…..

So enjoy the clip.  John de Lancie,  who plays the character “Q” does an excellent  job performing in this scene. He’s a brilliant and talented actor all the way!

Oh, one more thing….if you were wondering…. no my Fall ’12 collection will not be connected to Star Trek in any way.