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When I heard about the passing of Steve Jobs last night, it made me reflect on a lot of things.  Obviously, I instantly thought about how far reaching the Apple computer had been in our lives.  I thought about my college days and using a very old Apple computer.  The model was the Apple Macintosh Classic II (circa 1991).  Now here we are in the present.  Computers have evolved so much since then !  Steve Jobs and what he has contributed to our society will continue to be felt many years after his death.

This led me to ponder this…..what am I doing to contribute to the advancement of humankind?  Such a big question!  Of course, I’m not expecting myself to do anything similar to what Jobs has done but it does make me think about what we all can do while we are alive.  Can we contribute to making society better or just do nothing and “take up space” on this planet?