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It’s November and I’m still draping like crazy!  I have 17 garments to drape and only completed a few.  Funny how when one drapes, time seems to stop yet accelerate.  When I take a break and looked at the clock, an hour or two passes by.  Where did it go?  Meanwhile, while I’m working on Fall 12, other things are going on as well.

I’m not much of a perfume person.  In general, perfume / cologne turns me off.  So many times have I smelled the heavy waft of perfume on a person which drives me crazy.  I suspect that half of the time the perfume is probably a cheap knockoff version of the real thing and the alcohol content is very high compared to the actual oils.  My only favorite perfume at the time was L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake.  It’s a nice clean scent and reminds me of soap but not in a bad chemical way.  I never bought it but tried a tester at a Sephora store many moons ago.  I realize how the scent of perfumes can change the minute it hits the skin and I never went that far so I don’t know if it changes on my body.  Those were my thoughts on the world of perfume until I discovered Yvresse….   My discovery happened not too long ago.  One evening, a friend wanted to find a particular YSL lipstick that seemed to be discontinued.  We all hate having our favorite item to be discontinued whether it’s makeup or shampoo, but she was on a mission and I decided to join her!  Our little journey started at Lord & Taylor department store.  I agreed to meet her there but I showed up a little early.  Because of this I decided to wait in front of the New York Public library of the Arts & Humanities on 5th Ave near 42nd street.  Now if anyone has ever come toNew York City will know that this library is very historic and of course very beautiful!  Large stone steps lead to the front doors.  In front of the library are iconic stone carved lions flanked on either side of the steps as if to “protect” the institution.  Another tidbit is that the library shares the same block as Bryant Park, the park where Fashion Week used to be for so many years before they moved toLincolnCenter.  I didn’t sit on the steps but sat on some chairs nearby.  It’s in the evening during the height of rush hour.  Now usually I don’t hang around this area during that time, but oddly enough it was somewhat of a new experience.  A lot of people are rushing to take the train, bus, etc….  On any other day I’m one of them but tonight, I was watching the madness.  It’s rare (and difficult) to pluck yourself out of the rat race and watch it.

After my short stay in front of the library, I then headed off to Lord & Taylor.  Lord & Taylor is one of my favorite department stores.  It always seems to be very sane and pleasant in there.  I can go and not feel drained after leaving.  Some department stores are a zoo and at this point in my life, I’m a little tired of shopping in one.  I have many stories of being in that setting but that’s another conversation for another time. We asked the lady behind the counter and no luck.  Next stop? Saks! We walked to Saks and no luck there either, but my friend was on a mission.  We decided our last option of the night was Bergdorf’s Goodman.  Time was running out, and like the story of Cinderella, we had to get there before closing time which was quickly approaching.  We made it into the store and headed down to the cosmetic section.  Now, I’ve been in Bergdorf’s several times and it’s always an interesting experience for me to be in that store.  Of course as a designer, I would love to have my collection there, but as a consumer I feel so out of place.  This is definitely a high end store and at the moment I can barely afford anything there.  The only things I can afford are cosmetics.  Once you’re in, you’re surrounded by furs, beautiful clutches and fine jewelry.  This is on the 1st floor mind you!  It definitely feels like a fantasy land filled with many wonders of the material kind.  So as my friend finally found her phantom lipstick, she ended up trying out a particular perfume.  I was sitting on a chair by the counter resting my feet and checking emails on my phone while she was shopping.  She told me to get a whiff of this perfume that came in a small bottle.  Automatically, I’m skeptical because I’m not crazy about perfume, but when she passed the bottle past my nose….. I instantly fell in love.  At first I smelled citrus, almost like grapefruit followed by musk and a woody fragrance.  My eyes opened wide and I instantly wanted to know the name of this.  This scent is definitely not for the young.  It smells very sophisticated and rich. Some may say it’s an “old lady scent”, but not to me!  My friend and I were enchanted by this.  The name of the scent is called “Yvresse” which came out in the 1990s.  The original name was called “Champagne” but the wine farmers from the area of Champagne, France were very upset about this due to an appellation protection issue so the name was changed to Yvresse.  I didn’t buy it but the scent lingered on my mind way after we left Bergdorf’s.  I kept smelling my wrist to enjoy the fragrance and soon I realized the scent had changed.  Now it settled down to a light powdery scent.  It was so pretty and feminine!  I was amazed at how it changed from femme fatale to light and powdery in the end after a couple hours.  This was on my mind for the longest and I eventually bought it a few days later.

So what is the moral of this story?  There is something for everyone, even when one thinks it doesn’t exist.  Be open….you never know what may pop up in your life.