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At the moment I’m waiting for my huge order of fabric to get started on making samples for Fall ’12.  I felt like playing around with interesting prints and colors this time so I decided to go with the company Spoonflower to do this.  For a small designer, finding fabric that you can re-order is difficult, especially prints.  For any kind of printed fabric, I go to Spoonflower. They are pretty amazing!  I found out about them a couple of years ago when I was doing some fabric research.  The concept is simple and new : create your own prints and download it to have the image printed out on fabric.  You can get a discount on the fabric if you use your own design.  Also, there is a gigantic library of designs from others which you can also use.  It’s definitely a playground for printed fabric!  The fabrics that can be printed are a nice variety of silk, knit, quilting weight fabric, cotton sateens, etc…  The fabrics are a bit pricey by the yard but you are pretty much paying for custom made printed fabric that you can re-order over and over again without having to deal with huge minimums. For a small designer, that’s very important.

What I love about this company is that all of the printing happens in the USA, so you’re supporting a domestic company.  For me that’s totally worth the price and I will definitely continue to use them!

Here’s the website info: