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Could this be my perfect summer scent?  Perhaps!  Summer is upon us and I’ve been looking for a nice soft scent.  Yvresse is great for Fall/Winter but it can be a little overpowering in the heat, so I needed something lighter & soapy.  For me I love soapy scents, so fresh and simple!  Why not have that in a bottle?  After doing some research I found this Eau de Cologne from a line called Santa Maria Novella.  The name of this particular scent is Muschio Oro, which translates to “Gold Musk”.  Now this scent is not a deep heavy musk.  It’s more of a lighter soapy white musk smell.  After a few minutes, the scent turns into this soft, powdery, dreamy veil of goodness!  Great for summer, smells like clean soapy skin.  Give it a try.