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So I’m revisiting my academic painting project.  I created a “controlled palette” which is very helpful in working with colors “a la Munsell” style.  My earlier post went over making the Neutrals from 1-9.  From here, I developed my controlled palette which comes from these colors. What is a controlled palette?  Well…it’s a way of controlling your color values when working with paint.  Each color/hue has a value from 1-9.  The palette makes it easier for you to keep these values organized no matter what color/hue you are using.  Again this idea is not original, it comes from Frank Covino.  I decided to make the palette myself because I like working w/ my hands and it was a challenge.  So this is what i used:

Medium weight cardboard 24″x12″,


The neutral greys value 1-9

Clear plastic/ acetate sheets

I drew lines (in pencil) on the cardboard to divide the columns that I will use to apply the grey color.  I numbered it from B (Black) 1-9, and W (white).  The neutral greys are applied on the columns and I put clear acetate sheet over the palette when the paint is fully dried.  Then I used clear tape to seal the edges. Now when you use paint, you can put it on top of the palette and when you’re done, you can easily wipe it off because of the acetate protecting it.  Voila!  Done!  This is only the first step in my project.  More to come…