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I was very lucky to see Sophie Blackall giving a lecture at the Metropolitan Museum.  She pretty much talked about herself, her background, and how she gets her inspiration.  Part of her fame comes from a “missed connection” so to speak.  You mean synchronicity?  Perhaps.  I first encountered her work on the NYC subway.  I take it everyday and I noticed these cute illustrations of subway commuters.  They represent everyday New Yorkers sitting on the train going to their unknown destination. So much subtlety in the images!  I enjoy looking at them while I sit on the train.  At the end of the lecture, we all took part in an interactive game w/ the audience.  We all had to draw either a head, torso or legs.  Then piece them together.  The result was a mish-mash of strange images!  Here’s an example of one.  I drew the head on this one.  I have no idea who drew the torso and the legs.









Sophie has such a great sense of humor, warmth and humbleness. It was nice to see the face behind the illustration.

Here’s a sample of her work.  Sophie has illustrated over 20 children’s books and released a book for adults called “Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found”.  Her work has also appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal & Washington Post.  Here’s the link to her website for more details….and pictures!