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Why didn’t I buy this book sooner?


I discovered this book by accident because a recipe for chili was needed.  I never made chili before but know how it should taste like from experience growing up in Texas.  I quickly looked online for recipes and came across this cookbook called “The Homesick Texan”.  The title was funny and catchy and I loved it.  When I read about how the author is from Texas but lives in NYC, it reminded me of myself.  I lived in New York for a loooong time (and still do) but raised in Texas.  Like Lisa, I crave for Tex-Mex food and it’s very hard to find good Mexican and/or Tex-Mex restaurants in NYC that’s worth it’s salt.  There are a few gems in NYC but not many so I can greatly identify with the author.  As a kid, I grew up on barbeque, homemade tortillas w/ butter (utterly divine) and frito pie among many other treats normally found in Texas.  The book stayed on my mind for a long time because I wanted to make some of these mouthwatering recipes.  I finally bought the book and scanned through it.  Definitely amazing!  The book has everything from soups/stews, seafood, classic dishes, breads/desserts and more.  No recipes on barbeque but there are many BBQ cookbooks out there already.  She focuses on Tex-Mex recipes and besides…..it’s difficult to properly barbeque in New York City anyway!  Each recipe has a fun backstory laced with humor and nostalgia.  If anyone is interested in Tex-Mex cuisine (the real deal), please buy this book.  It’s worth it!  Lisa Fain, thanks for making this book.